Does 'Eclipse' Rock Your Socks? Now It Literally Can

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We've seen our share of some crazy Twilight merchandise -- hello, a shower curtain plastered with a giant Robert Pattinson face? Uh, creepy.

We asked you to tell us what's the strangest memorabilia you've seen. One JSYK reader replied, "The weirdest Twilight thing I've seen are Twilight Band-Aids. I mean, it's kind of ironic that Edward's covering up your blood."

Good point. Here's another quirky item we're adding to the list.

You can now buy socks that have one of five scenes from Eclipse on them. Yup, it's sort of like copying and pasting the image from your poster to your ankles. They're only $6.50 a pair, and you get to pick from white or black socks in shoe sizes 4-9. Want a pair? Click here.

Is all this Twi-stuff turning into Twi-junk, or would you actually wear these? Do you own any random Twilight items, like a Jacob Black toaster? Okay, he's always burning up -- we'd kind of get that one.

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