Is Ben Going To Be A Teen Dad? 'Secret Life' Premieres Tonight

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"Holy Bananas! People keep telling me how excited they are for the Secret Life premiere tomorrow...going to be a big one," Megan Park tweeted yesterday.

Hey, Megan. We're one of those peeps.

On the last episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Adrian (Francia Raisa) was holding a pregnancy test. Is she or is she not preggers with Ben's baby? Dun. Dun. Dun.

The wait is finally over to find out. It feels like ages since we last saw Amy taking care of John, Ashley maybe falling for Ricky, and Madison showcasing her amazing voice (who knew?!) at Ben's dad's wedding.

Okay, it hasn't even been three months, but still, we're pumped for the show to kick off the third season tonight on ABC Family at 8PM EST.

Shailene Woodley
, who plays Amy, is giving small hints at what's to come this season. Sounds like that test might be positive after all.


"Amy was obviously more naïve than Adrian," Shai explains. "Adrian is accepting it quicker, but it's still a struggle. Adrian and Amy will kind of create a bond.... Amy is always going to be there for Adrian."%Poll-47625%


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