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'90210' star AnnaLynne McCord loves to be involved with anything new, trendy and up and coming. So when NBC/Universal came to her with the Dial Star Web project, she was very interested. "I really don't do the whole playing myself thing. It gives me anxiety. But it was a cool premise, and, I was given creative input and came on as an Executive Producer." JSYK.com recently caught up with AnnaLynne to talk about the new Web series, 90210, and some of her passion projects.

Dial Star focuses on a girl named Celia who ends up pretending to be AnnaLynne after getting a hold of her cell phone. She does it in hopes of using AnnaLynne's fame, to get her big Hollywood break. We asked AnnaLynne what HER big break was she said her role as Eden on Nip/Tuck was definitely a big confidence booster and helped her gain recognition in the industry.

So what would AnnaLynne tell someone like Celia who is trying to become an actress or musician? "It's a hard process. The first thing I tell people- you have to have the passion. You have to think to yourself, could I do this every day for the rest of my life and not get paid for it. If you can say yes, then you have a good shot. It's the one career, in my opinion, that you are either at the top or you are at the bottom. There is rarely a middle ground. I also believe in the law of attraction- what's in your mind can be brought to fruition in this world."
Throughout the series, Celia and AnnaLynne communicate via text message so we thought we would ask she about the funniest text she ever got. "I got this encoded message that seemed really strange - it was symbols and letters. But I remember I sat there for 45 min. trying to analyze the message. And I thought my friend had sent it by accident. Then she told me to turn my phone upside down to read the message. It was so silly. I think I forwarded it onto my sisters."

Speaking of sisters, AnnaLynne often says that her 90210 character Naomi reminds her of her baby sister. "As far as the comedy and the loyalty to her friends and big heart... that's my sister 100%. When I am working Naomi comes so easily to me and I didn't realize why, but it is really because I have lived with her for 21 years!

Check out the first two episodes of AnnaLynne's new Web series Dial Star right here!

Episode 1:

Episode 2:


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