Nina Dobrev and Rupert Grint Open Up About On-Screen Nudity

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Every actor is faced with the choice on whether to show skin on camera, and while some are totally comfortable with it, others are not. It's an issue that has divided actors for quite some time, and now stars like Nina Dobrev and Rupert Grint are speaking up about it.

On The Vampire Diaries, Nina's character Elena has had intimate moments with Stefan, but the Canadian actress will only take her on-screen nudity so far.

"I'm very content with not being nude on national television," she said. "I enjoy True Blood myself and I watch the show, but I'm happy that bra and underwear is as stripped down as I can get for [The Vampire Diaries]."

On the other hand, Harry Potter star Rupert Grint has no problem being naked on camera. In fact, the 21-year-old actor bared all in his film Cherrybomb, and showed skin in his new movie Wild Target.

"In Harry Potter it was just a kiss, really. It was suggestive more than anything. This was a lot more intimate," he said of his Cherrybomb scene. "It was quite nerve-wracking." Rupert also calls the experience of shooting his naked Wild Target scene "embarrassing" and "uncomfortable."
What do you think? Should actors be willing to go nude on camera if the role calls for it? Or should TV shows and movies use less nudity in their series and films? %Poll-48055%


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