Vita Chambers Talks Music, Justin Bieber and More in Our Twitter-view

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Last week, we talked to Vita Chambers in our first-ever Twitter interview, and it was so much fun. The 17-year-old Barbados native has a new EP called 'The Get Go,' and we can't get enough of her new single, 'Like Boom,' but there was plenty more to chat about.

Vita is currently on the Bamboozle Roadshow and getting ready to join Justin Bieber on his 'My World' tour, beginning July 2. How does the spunky singer feel about the upcoming opportunity? "I couldn't be more amped about it!" she said.

Of course, Vita's style is so on point that we had to ask about it. Although the pop star has her own fashion instincts, she told us she has a day-to-day stylist named Julie Vastola, who is also her "BFF."

One of our JSYK readers also wanted to know about what inspires Vita's look to which she replied: "I read a lot of fashion mags but my biggest fashion inspiration is Gwen Stefani." Watch Vita's 'Like Boom' video and read our full Twitter-view after the jump -- no toggling necessary!

@jsykdotcom: hey vita!

@vitachambers: hey jsyk!!

@jsykdotcom: You are JSYK's first ever twitter-view!! Twitter+interview=twitterview. That doesn't really work, does it...

@vitachambers: LOL twitterview! i love that :)

@jsykdotcom: We're so excited to tweet with you, we LOVE your music. How do you describe your sound, like to your friends?

@vitachambers: thank you so much! my sound is a mixture of rock, pop, synth and dance all jumbled up together

@jsykdotcom: yeah, we love your voice. Wait, is it your birthday today!!??! Happy bday!!!

@vitachambers: lol it was yesterday, but thank you and i had the best bday ever cuz i got to perform at the @girlswhorockny benefit,

@jsykdotcom: Cool!!!! Looking through all your tweet photos... mmmm cupcakes. Is there anything you don't like to post on Twitter?

@vitachambers: lol my twit pics are random. No im pretty open minded

@jsykdotcom: Shout out time!Who are your best friends on Twitter?

@vitachambers: my best friends are @julievastola @ryan_exoe @shermanelli and @louisvecchio.. my biggest fan is @callidandria <3

@jsykdotcom: We love ur video for 'Like Boom' - how did u come up with the concept? It looks like it was so much fun.

@vitachambers: it was so much fun!! the director, Sarah Chatfield was the one who came up with the idea..when i heard about it i fell in love

@jsykdotcom: JSYK reader Summer asks, "Where do you get your inspiration for your style?"

@vitachambers: i read a lot of fashion mags but my biggest fashion inspiration is Gwen Stefani

@jsykdotcom: We love your outfits from 'Like Boom' too. Do you have a stylist?

@vitachambers: yes, my day to day stylist is @JulieVastola (my bff)

@jsykdotcom: are you shooting more videos for the other songs off of The Get Go?

@vitachambers: yes, ill be shooting more videos towards the end of the summer

@jsykdotcom: what are your other summer plans?

@vitachambers: i'll be finishing up the east coast run of the #BamboozleRoadshow then off to touring with @justinbieber!

@jsykdotcom: Last question! JSYK reader investig8rgirl13 wants to know, "How do you feel about going on tour with @justinbieber?"

@vitachambers: i couldn't be more amped about it!!!!!!!!!!


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