Pit Bulls in Denver are Euthanized Because of Their Breed

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In Denver, Colorado, an ordinance has been in effect since 1989 that bans pit bulls or any mix breed pooch with a majority of pit bull physical traits from the city. In the past five years, over a thousand pit bulls have been euthanized.

The reasoning was that removing this "dangerous" breed would result in fewer cases of animal bites. But that's not what happened. From 1995 to 2006, Denver still had close to six times more dog bite hospitalizations than Colorado's no-breed-ban Boulder County.

Now a simple postcard could help change the way these animals are treated.

Dog lover Maggie Marton, creator of ohmydogblog.com, founded Operation Denver. She's hoping to collect over 10,000 postcards to send to the city's mayor, John W. Hickenloper. Together, these postcards would add up to one mile's worth of written support and Maggie wants to send them all at once so it's impossible for the mayor's office to ignore this issue.
However, the fight for change won't be an easy one. The city's mayor is currently campaigning to become governor and he's already voted to keep the current law intact.

"The idea behind [the postcard] campaign is to educate and bring awareness and be a voice for these dogs and the dog owners. Every little bit is going to help turn this around," Maggie says.

Here's what you can do to help: Create and e-mail a 4" by 6" postcard and include a message that voices your concern by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page.



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