Read Our Q&A with Harvey Guillen from 'Huge'

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Like 'Twilight,' this show is based off of a book...did you read it?
I did, it was a great book. I think that the chemistry connection between Winnie and Savannah to take it on themselves to make this a series is amazing because they're staying true to the idea of the book and going with it and just elaborating the story lines to see where it goes. I'm really excited for what the whole series is going to have for each character.

The messages from other ABC Family shows are really strong, do you think 'Huge' will effect teens this way too?
It's going to be amazing - it has never been done before. We've already had so many people say that they can't wait for the show because there's a large percentage of teens in America who are overweight and they can't associate themselves with anyone on TV. They can't look at anyone and be like ' Wow, they look like me.' Everyone they see on TV is thin and glamorous and no one is being represented from the plus-sized world. So there's a lot of teens out there who are totally going to connect with this and it doesn't have to be someone who is overweight because the story lines are so well written. I think it's going to be fantastic and people will want to watch these characters grow.

Be sure to check out 'Huge' on Monday, June 28th on ABC Family!

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