Abby Sunderland is One Step Closer to Home

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It was a family reunion on a French island (ironically) named Reunion for Abby Sunderland.

After getting lost and found at sea, the California native -- who was on a mission to become the youngest person to sail around the world alone -- was elated to see her older brother Zac. He came bearing hugs, of course, plus things to make any teen girl smile -- clothes, makeup, a hair brush, and an iPod.

Abby's mom says she's laughing and giggling, but the 16-year-old confesses, "I'm really disappointed that things didn't go as planned. I was on an adventure. You can only plan so far."

Zac will be a comforting shoulder for Abby to lean on while they travel back together on the final stretch of Abby's journey home. Last summer, Zac successfully completed the journey Abby was attempting and held the title that his little sister was hoping to take from Jessica Watson.
If anyone can understand the unforeseen complications that come with such an adventurous dream, it's Zac.



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