New Study Shows 30 Extra Minutes of Sleep Helps Students

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A few weeks ago, a study reported that schools with earlier start times could lead to more teen car accidents. Now a new report says that starting school just 30 minutes later could have a very positive impact on students.

The study, held at St. George's boarding school in Middletown, R.I. says that the extra half-hour helps teens get to school on time, elevates their moods and makes them more alert in class. The time also allows them to have a healthier breakfast instead of rushing to eat on the run.

Why does the extra 30 minutes make such a big difference? According to the report, teens are in their deepest sleep mode at dawn, which is around the same time that they need to get up for school. The startling wake-up can leave students groggy, especially since most teens fall asleep after 11 p.m.
The study resulted in such dramatic changes in their students that St. George's boarding school permanently moved their school day start time to 8:30 a.m. Do you think an extra half-hour in the morning would make a huge difference in the way you perform in school? Would you be less tired, or are you already a morning person?


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