Teen Ink: Twilight's Biggest Fan

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So now that 'Eclipse' is finally out, all of us have rushed to see it in theaters. Now that it's here, what do you think about it? Was it better than the first two movies?

There are so many people out there who have fell in love with 'Twilight.' Some are just fans and some are just down right obsessed! Either way, we can all remember the first time we saw the first movie. Check out this story about a teen's whose BFF is totally crazy about 'Twilight.' You won't believe what she does!:

My best friend comes up to me and squeals with happiness. I slam my locker shut, already knowing
the intense bliss on her face.

"O-M-G! I just finished Twilight!"

(You just finished Twilight? Wasn't this a fad, like, twenty years ago?)

"Guess what!? I'm going to start on Eclipse next!" She nearly faints with joy.

(Oh, boy, wasn't that great? She'll miss everything on Jacob.)

*squeal* "And-and Stephenie Meyer is going to be in NYC, and my parents are taking me!"

Read the rest of this story at Teen Ink.


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