Sophie from Care Bears On Fire Talks Crushes and Music in Our Twitter-view

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We had our second Twitter interview with Sophie from the all-girl punk rock band Care Bears on Fire. The interview turned out great and we got some juicy details about the band's new EP, her favorite TV show, and her celebrity crushes. Most of the questions asked were the ones you submitted!

Tweeting from her hotel room in Seattle, she started the Twitter-view by telling us about their new project. "We are very very excited for our new EP to come out later this summer!" So what should we expect? "It is 3 originals and 1 cover of a song by the Marbles. We are SOOO excited for it everyone to hear it!"

With a name like theirs, we weren't surprised that a JSYK reader wanted to know how in the heck they came up with Care Bears on Fire for their band name. Sophie answered by saying, "We chose the name because we wanted to take something sweet and innocent and turn it into something cool and powerful." Their name def represents that!

She also mentioned that she's already seen 'Eclipse' and even saw "The Runaways" and actually got to meet Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. "It was incredible!!! The Runaways movie was so great and Dakota and Kristen were so nice. We also got to meet Joan Jett!"

So we could see what kind of movies she's into, but what's the 15-year-old like to watch on TV? Duh! Glee!

She was asked if she was a Gleek and her response was, "
Yes all the way!! It took me a while to understand the incredibleness that is Glee, but now I am proud to be a gleek!"

So can we expect to see her on the show, considering every other musician or star is doing that nowadays? She tweeted back, "
actually that would be my dream!" That would be our dream too...

Anyway, after a few more questions we wrapped it up by asking another fan question and it was about her celebrity crush. She answered by tweeting,
"after Eclipse, possibly Taylor Lautner, but I will also say Alex Turner, who is not a celebrity exactly but still pretty awesome." We can't argue that!

You can see the rest of the Twitter-view by going to the JSYK Twitter page or CBOF's Twitter page!


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