'Twilight' is Inspiring Teens to Get Fang-Like Teeth, Dentists Say

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Twilight is inspiring more than just a biting trend. Now teens are flocking to their dentists requesting temporary vampire-style fangs to get the supernatural look.

Twi-hards are paying around $200 for Vampire Veneers, which make the canine teeth longer and sharper. While the procedure isn't anything new, US dentists say there has been a surge in young patients opting for it since the vampire craze has taken off.

The procedure lasts 15 minutes, and involves attaching the veneers to the top of the teeth using a tooth-colored resin. Are they functional? Dr. Dianna Wilde of Floss Dental says yes, but Twi-hards should think twice before re-enacting scenes from Eclipse.

"In the sense that you are able to eat with them, yes, vampire veneers are functional," she explains. "Can you bite somebody on the neck? In theory, but it is not recommended. The veneer is designed to give a vampiric appeal, but not provide any sort of function beyond regular eating habits."
Check out this video of a 16-year-old high school junior getting the procedure done in NYC. What do you think of Vampire Veneers? Are they cool or corny? Would you take your Twilight fandom to the next level and think about turning your teeth into fangs?



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