Kellan Lutz Crushing on Ashley Greene? Only in 'Warrior'

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If we could pick any two co-stars to start dating in real life, hands down it'd be Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene.

Sure, it's pretty obvious he's with 90210's AnnaLynne McCord and she's been spotted hanging out with Joe Jonas, but these two Cullens are adorbs together.

Kellan publicly praises Ashley's talent and they stuck by each other through sticky Breaking Dawn contract negotiations. Plus, they're both huge animal lovers. Match made in Hollywood heaven, right?

Too bad they're not feeling the sparks, even though they'll play a couple in the 2011 film Warrior.

"It's really cool to see your friend [in a different way] and to work with a friend, let alone her being so talented, to see her transform from one character to another," Kellan says about Ashley going from vampire Alice to Brooklyn, "a sweet, lacrosse-player type of coach's daughter."
Okay, we get it, Kellan. Ashley's locked in the friend zone. Like really deep in the friend zone. Kellan also said working with Ashley on the Twilight movies and Warrior is "very much like working with family."

And it doesn't get more platonic than that, folks.

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