Mystery A on 'Pretty Little Liars' is So Not Who You Think It Is

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Spoiler Alert:
Don't continue reading if you don't want to know who A is in the book series.

We recently asked you guys who you thought the devious A is on ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars. Many of you said it's Hanna's frenemy Mona. Sorry, that's not the right answer. Sure, that's who's behind A's threats and schemes in the books, but the TV series is giving this mystery their own twist.

Star Lucy Hale, who plays high school student secretly dating her teacher Aria Montgomery, spills the beans by saying, "I know who A is in the books. Can I say? I hope I don't get in trouble. It's a girl, it's Hanna's best friend. But we're doing it completely different on the show. I don't know who's A."

Makes sense...where's the fun in already knowing the outcome?
Here's another tidbit about what's to come: Lucy's going to show off her vocal skills by singing an Eva Cassidy song. "I'm singing about my little teacher that I'm in love with," she spills.

Are you glad they're changing it up so much from the books?



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