Stars Show Tweet Love for 'Inception.' Have You Seen It?

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We won't spoil the plot for you if you haven't seen Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page's action mystery Inception, but we'll tell you this: The flick makes you wonder if technology could advance to a point where people could invade your private thoughts and dreams -- or even manipulate them.

It's a complicated storyline filled with twists and turns, and some critics say it left them feeling confused. Still, plenty of celebs are blowing up Twitter with their praise for the thriller.

Joe Jonas commented, "Wow. Inception. Mind is freaking. Good freaking." Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice both considered the movie a sorta mind-altering experience.

"As a result, after watching 'Inception' I am now questioning my reality. Am I dreaming now? If so how long? How do I know..if so how do I wake up?" The Vampire Diaries star tweeted. Taylor Lautner's bestie Victoria pondered, "Finally saw Inception last night. I was convinced I was living in a dream after, and that everyone else in the theater were projectors."
Not so fast -- not everyone's on Team Inception. The Secret Life of the American Teenager's Daren Kagasoff admitted, "Just saw Inception gotta say not my favorite."

What's your reaction to the movie? (Psst: Please don't give away any spoilers.)



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