Werewolves Coming To 'Vampire Diaries' This Fall

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It may be called The Vampire Diaries, but a new supernatural force is coming to town.

Last season, vampire haters trying to rid Mystic Falls of the undead used a device that caused so much pain, it made it impossible for any vampire to hide their identity. But Tyler Lockwood, Michael Trevino,showed the same reaction to the device, and he wasn't a vampire. So what caused his unexplainable symptoms?

Wait for it...wait for it... Tyler's transforming into a werewolf next season. Jacob who?

We already told you about Tyler's uncle Mason who returns to Mystic Falls for Tyler's dad's funeral and ends up guiding Tyler through his transformation. This sounds really familiar. And yet, we're excited.
"Having him there and having him take me under his wing, Tyler's going to start to see certain things and notice certain things within Uncle Mason," spills Michael. Mason will be "a guide to the inner rage of Tyler, and why is he this way, and why's he always fighting with himself emotionally."

Haven't we seen this angst and inner-turmoil before in another werewolf?

Don't expect Stefan and Damon to react kindly to sharing the town with a new species when the show returns this September. Michael dishes, "I think [the vampires] will be the first to catch on. Right off the bat, no, they're not gonna like it. They're going to go nuts."


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