'Beastly' Gets Bumped, But the New Trailer Is Amazing

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When the first trailer for Beastly arrived on the scene, it got us super excited for the film. Unfortunately, the release date for the upcoming Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer movie has been pushed to 2011, but the new trailer has us more psyched than ever.

Basically, Beastly is a modern day retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Kyle Kingson (Pettyfer) has it all including intelligence, money and good looks, but inside, he's nothing but a selfish guy, who sets out to humiliate the school's resident goth girl Kendra, played by Mary Kate Olsen.

But instead, Kendra casts a spell on Kyle, making him as ugly on the outside as he is on the inside. The only way to reverse the spell is to find someone to love him for who he really is. The new trailer is a little lighter than the first, focusing more on the relationship that develops between Kyle and Lindy, Vanessa's character.
The movie seems to have all the components of a classic chick flick: guy chases girl, guy brings girl roses, girl likes guy. But we can't help but flinch every time we see an up-close shot of Kyle's face. We met up with Alex recently and he told us it sometimes took six hours in the makeup chair to get his Beastly look.

Originally, Beastly was to be released on July 30, which is the same day Vanessa's boyfriend Zac Efron's movie Charlie St. Cloud opened in theaters. Until it comes out on March 18, 2011, we'll just have to settle with watching the new trailer on repeat. Seriously, it's pretty good.

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