Taylor Swift to Star in 'Valentine's Day' Sequel 'New Year's Day'?

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Although New Year's Eve, the sequel to Valentine's Day, is set to host a whole new cast of characters, Taylor Swift is the one celeb from the original cast who's being considered to return in forthcoming rom-com.

According to E! Online, execs are thinking of bringing back Taylor's character, Felicia, only this time the film would follow the bubbly high school cheerleader during her college years at NYU. But don't get excited, Twi-hards -- Taylor Lautner probably won't be back as Tay's boyfriend.

For one, that would be super awkward for the real-life exes, but since the goal is to cast fresh faces for New Year's Eve, we think Felicia will get the chance to meet someone new. However, if Taylor is approached about doing the sequel, she could share the big screen with her pal Justin Bieber. In May, director Garry Marshall said the 16-year-old pop singer was being considered for a role in the film, although he didn't know who Justin was. Um, we bet he knows now!
Still, these are just rumors floating around the project. With JB's busy schedule, the release of Taylor's new album and New Year's Eve scheduled to begin filming in the fall, we don't know if the two stars could make time to shoot this movie. Of course, we'd be stoked if they did. New Year's Eve is slated to open in theaters on December 9, 2011.

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