Why You Should Watch Tonight's Premiere of 'Too Fat For 15'

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Too Fat For 15: Fighting Back follows five teens' battle against obesity, and we think the series is totally worth tuning into. We got to watch the first episode, and after an hour, we're completely rooting for the unique students attending Wellspring Academy.

During the premiere, we get to meet Tanisha Mitchell, 17; Scotty Basso, 13; Emily Hodge, 11; and Terrina Cyrpress, 17. (We'll hopefully get to meet Miranda Nichols later.) Although each of them come from different backgrounds, they all have the same goal: to lose weight. Scotty is a funny guy from Athens, Ga., who has a super hard time getting up in the morning. His arrival weight is 366 pounds and his goal is to get back to 150 pounds one day.

Tanisha is Wellspring's heaviest teen ever, arriving at 510 pounds. She is morbidly obese and has Blount's disease, which has caused her legs to turn inward, but she's still determined to get healthier. At 11, Emily is the youngest student Wellspring has ever had and she's having a tough time being away from her parents. Terinna, 17, has been at the school the longest, but is the most stubborn one of the group.

The show gives audiences an introduction about each teen and the North Carolina facility that, along with a regular school curriculum, gives its students a behavioral coach, monitors their nutrition, tracks their fitness progress and aids the kids in changing their thinking and behavior in order to fight food addiction.

Of course, there's plenty of heartache, tears and tough moments, but by the end of the first episode, we get to witness the small triumphs of each teen, whether it's shocking weight loss, a consistent jog, making new friends or simply scoring a basket in a b-ball game. The show is inspiring and informative, and we back it 100 percent. Watch the trailer for the show below and tune in tonight at 8 p.m. ET on the Style Network to watch the premiere episode of Too Fat For 15: Fighting Back.



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