Evan Taubenfeld Dishes About His 'Pumpkin Pie' Video in Our Exclusive Twitter-view

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In April, we premiered Evan Taubenfeld's first single, 'Pumpkin Pie,' from his debut album, 'Welcome to the Blacklist Club.' You guys loved it so much that we just had to chat with Evan about his tweet-centric video for the song, and what better way to do that than over Twitter?

Evan's video depicts a love story through real tweets and TwitPics from his famous friends such as Avril Lavigne and Pete Wentz. Was it hard to get his celeb pals to be a part of the project? Not in the slightest. "I'm lucky to have cool friends who wanted to help, so when I asked it was no biggie," Evan told JSYK.

Although the 'Merry Swiftmas' songwriter received a very special tweet back in the day from Taylor Swift herself, he decided not to hit the country star up for his video. He explained, "Well u know @taylorwift13 is already spoken for and since I got her tweet love once at xmas time I figured I'd give her a pass."

Right now, Evan is riding the wave of his debut record, and looking forward to hitting the road with Avril and on his own solo tour soon. Read our entire Twitter-view and watch the full 'Pumpkin Pie' video after the jump. 'Welcome to the Blacklist Club' is available in stores and on iTunes now.
@jsykdotcom: Hey, Evan! How are you??

@evantaubenfeld: I'm awesome how you doin?!

@jsykdotcom: Great! We're super excited to be Twitter-viewing you today.

@evantaubenfeld: yea I'm stoked to do this too. Its super cool to do a interview via Twitter! Especially since "Pumpkin Pie" vid was all twitter

@jsykdotcom: So tell us, how did you come up with the idea for your video 'Pumpkin Pie' video?

@evantaubenfeld: I'd always wanted to do something really dope for PP & when the director pitched the twit concept I knew we were golden

@jsykdotcom: Well, it came out great! Did it take a lot of convincing to get your celeb friends to tweet or were they down for the cause?

@evantaubenfeld: thx! I'm proud of it. I'm lucky to have cool friends who wanted to help so when I asked it was no biggie

@jsykdotcom: That's so awesome. Did you think about trying to get Taylor Swift in on the tweet action?

@evantaubenfeld: well u know @taylorswift13 is already spoken for and since I got her tweet love once at xmas time I figured I'd give her a pass

@jsykdotcom: Haha, true. So you've been making music for a while... How do you feel now that your debut record is finally out?

@evantaubenfeld: it feels great that http://wbr.fm/evanitunes is out worldwide!! That being said I'm ready to write even more new stuff and tour

@jsykdotcom: We can't wait to see you on the road. Do you have a tour lined up already? What else do you have coming up this year?

@evantaubenfeld: ill be updating my site as soon as I have dates, in the meantime just making great music and getting ready to play shows w avril

@jsykdotcom: Amazing! Well, thanks so much for tweeting with us, Evan. We love the vid and can't wait to see you on tour. Talk soon!

@evantaubenfeld: anytime, I love you guys! Can't wait to see you soon.


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