Generation Next 2010 Designer Profiles: Meet Monica

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Name: Monica,

Her style: "Unique, different, out-there."

Favorite store: "Foreign Exchange. It's like my style and different from everything else and really good quality. I just feel like it represents my style."
So after we saw her picture we had to ask her about the hat . We wondered if hats were her thing and if she wears them a lot. Her answer to that was, "I try to... just like the fedoras and beanies. I'm into them right now. I don't wear them a lot but right now they're really in style...I really like the fedora right now." So do we!

For the contest and fashion show, each finalist had to put together an inspiration board that they would use to come up with their final look. Below is an exclusive pic of Monica's board (check out the Selena pic!).

Monica told us that she gets her inspiration from someone very special to her...her grandma. "I try to look at pictures of her and try to recreate her outfits of when she was young." Not only is her grandma her style inspiration, but she also wears her grandmother's jewelry.

"It saves a lot of money and I like her style. She passed away two years ago and she handed me and my sister down her purses and accessories and I like wearing a simple outfit with her bags. She has this one floral bag that I really like and I like wearing a plain V-neck and jeans with it. It just makes the outfit perfect."

What do you think of Monica's style? Check back next Friday to meet another O'Neill finalist!



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