Pittsburgh News Reports "Turmoil Over Taylor." What's That About?

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"Turmoil Over Taylor" was the name of a news story that aired on a Pittsburgh local station earlier this month. Taylor Lautner (pictured on the left at a Pittsburgh Steelers game on Saturday) was in town to film Abduction, so did his perfect abs cause teen girls to throw hysterical, uncontrollable fits? Nope. The "turmoil" refers to adults who are acting like kids.

Township supervisor Tom DeRosa snapped a picture of Taylor for his teenage daughter and was reportedly scolded by Taylor's dad for doing so. Tom claims Mr. Lautner told him to leave and says, "I'm in the township that I basically oversee, they're strangers from California, interrupt our traffic, interrupt our people, were rude as you could get, and they tell me to leave."

In retaliation, Tom threatened to tow the film crew's vehicles unless they paid a $500 fee and supposedly ordered police officers to use their cars to block the crew in. Not everyone on the force obeyed, so the township supervisor used cars from his own dealership to create the barrier.
Next, the supervisor allegedly sought revenge against the defiant officers by forcing them to sit in their cars for their entire shifts without using the air conditioner, despite the 90 degree weather outside.

Then things got really ugly for Officer Jason Miller after he gave the supervisor's friend a speeding ticket. Tom DeRosa demanded the officer's cell phone number, and after he refused, the township supervisor fired him after more than a decade on the job. Watch the news report here.

Tom DeRosa couldn't provide the news station with valid reasons for firing Officer Miller. He even told one resident at a township meeting, "If you're going to get stupid, I don't have time for you."

Oh Taylor Lautner, you can cause even a grown man to spin into a tizzy.


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