Check Out Our Fave Back-to-School Supplies and Tips to Stay Organized

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Practice after school. Spanish test on Tuesday. Five-page history paper due tomorrow, and student government meeting on Monday. Sounds something like your hectic back-to-school schedule?

Don't stress out. JSYK talked to Nina Restieri, founder of MyAgenda -- a celeb fave for staying organized -- and we're giving you all the tips you need to stay on top of your busy life this school year.

For starters, make sure your back-to-school shopping list includes a day planner. "The one tip I give everyone, whether they have teens or toddlers, is to write everything down as soon as possible," Nina tells us. "This is especially important for teens because their days are so filled with activities that it can get overwhelming trying to keep track of it all."

If you don't have your planner nearby when you need to jot something important down, text it to yourself so you'll remember to add it later. "If it is all written in your calendar, you will not forget about it -- it's that simple."
Next, keep your locker space free of clutter so you don't leave papers or binders behind that you need to study for a huge test. Nina recommends maximizing your space with this stackable locker shelf and a magnetic locker cup for only $3.99 that you can use to hold pens, pencils, and more.

Lastly, pack your school bag each night before you go to bed. "Packing it in the morning invites chaos and increases the likelihood that something will be forgotten," Nina advises.

The best part of back-to-school is the shopping, so check out these fun supplies.,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=927300&pid=927299&uts=1285867521

Back to School Supplies

Name: myPlan
Price: $19.95
Fun Fact: Keep organized stylishly. This planner even comes in a zebra print!

Back to School Supplies

Name: Tukaiz Personalized Folder and Notebook
Price: Folders: $5.95. Notebooks: $10.95
Fun Fact: Give your folders and notebooks a personal touch with cool graphics and your own message.

Back to School Supplies

Name: TI-Nspire calculator
Price: $150
Available: Major retailers including Office Depot, Walmart, and Best Buy
Fun Fact: This graphing calculator is the only one available with an easy-glide touchpad.

Back to School Supplies

Name: WallPops Calendars
Price: $12 per WallPops Dry Erase Sheet, $12 per Dry Erase Monthly Calendar and $20 per WallPops 4-Piece Calendar Set
Available: Select retailers nationwide and
Fun Fact: The fun colors and designs on these dry erase boards make staying organized a breeze.

Back to School Supplies

Name: FriXion erasable gel pens and highlighters
Price: Pens: $5.26 (2-pack) Highlighters: $4.99 (3-pack)
Available:, Staples, and Office Max
Fun Fact: These pens and highlighters come in multiple colors and the best part is they're erasable.

Back to School Supplies


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