Vita Chambers Hangs With Mega Celebs on the My World Tour

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Vita Chambers is having the time of her life on Justin Bieber's 'My World' tour. Not only does has she been bonding with and performing alongside JB, Sean Kingston and Jessica Jarrell, she's also been hanging out with tons of major celebs on the road, too!

While many of you may think Vita is lucky enough to spend time hanging with Justin (check out the adorable pic of the two of them riding scooters), she's also met Shaquille O'Neal and musical stars like Drake, Akon, Jermaine Dupri and Burnham. P.S. The pop trio will officially join the 'My World' tour in October.

In her latest tour blog, the the 17-year-old singer shares more exclusive pics and talks about her recent starstruck moments backstage. There was a lot of Canadian pride going on the day that Drake stopped by (Vita was born in Canada, just like Justin), however, that wasn't enough to overshadow her time off in Nashville, where she got to partake in her favorite downtime activity: shopping. Read what Vita has to say this week -- you'll even score some hair styling tips from the beautiful pop star -- after the jump.
Hey guys! How's everyone doing today? Week 4 of the Bieber, can you believe it's already been a month? This tour is going by way too fast -- only a few more weeks left until it's over. :( I can't think about the end or I'll literally cry. Every day on this tour has been like a whole new adventure. Just the other day, I was walking into the dining area of the venue to get some lunch and I just happened to run into Drake! He's a labelmate of mine, but I've never actually gotten to meet him. What a dream it was. He's such a hottie...and a sweetie -- double whammy right there. It was a lot of fun to chill with him.

In Atlanta, Akon and Jermaine Dupri came out to the show and I got to chill with them, too. AND during another show Shaq showed up! He was impossible to miss...I know everyone says this, but I can't get over how tall he is! That's the beauty of touring with Justin Bieber, you never know what star-studded celebrity is gonna show up!

This past week has been particularly fun because we were in Nashville, TN which has become one of my favorite matter where you are there's live music! I think it's actually known as the Music City. I also did some major shopping there, which is one of my favorite things to do on my time off. They must have a million boot stores in that city! I didn't get any because I am completely loyal to my Frye boots. They are like the only boots that stay comfortable while I run around on stage like a crazy woman (they're also the coolest looking).

That reminds me! I've been getting a ton of people hitting me up asking, "How do you keep your hair like that?" or "How can I make my hair curly like yours?" Honestly, I was born with crazy curls (that's how I refer to my hair haha) but it definitely helps to throw a ton of curling gel in there and scruch it with your hands. Especially Cat Walk Curls Rock product -- I find that works the best (and I've pretty much tried every product I could possibly get my hands on). Try it out and let me know what you think!

Right now I'm in Canada, where I was born, taking a little week break. I'm just gonna chill with my family and friends and try to relax a little until I go back out on the road with Bieber. The tour is hitting up Canada next week where Bieber and I are both originally from! I'm so happy to be in Canada because it's been a while....a loooooong while hahah. It's always important to spend time with family and friends to regain your energy, but at the same time, it's only been 1 day and I already can't wait to get back on the road!

See ya next week....xoxox V



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