For Back-To-School Clothes, Think Bomber Jackets, Ankle Booties, and Oversized Purses

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Before you raid the mall in search of the perfect first day of school outfit, you must read this first. We recently chatted with teen fashion expert and YouTube hauler Blair Fowler, also known as juicystar07, to find out her fave styles, colors, and more for back-to-school.

"The trends I've been noticing are definitely the military trend, the lace and leather trend, the romantic trend...there are so many going on right now," the 17-year-old spills. "I think it's great because this year it's really about making everything your own. It's about having your own personality and your own spin on everything."

The secret to making the lace and leather trend work for school is layering a lace cami or tee under a bomber jacket. Blair suggests going to Forever 21 for an inexpensive faux leather coat.

"The only key to doing this trend is mixing really, really girly styles like ruffles with really hard rocker styles like pleather and studs," she explains.
Knit sweater dresses and ankle booties should also be on your radar this year. Blair notes that Target has some great finds for this fall trend, and as for a stylish way to carry your books, she suggests purchasing an oversized purse or classic tote bag.

"[You] definitely [want] something neutral that's going to go with anything, or maybe even black. My favorite one still has to be the tan one I got because it really did go with everything, even white, That was the only thing I was scared to wear it with, but it really complemented it."

What back-to-school trends are you excited to buy?



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