The Best Back-To-School Hairstyles for Girls (and Guys, Too)

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Back-to-school hair is all about the "slept-in, rocker-chic" look. Listen up, guys, we have tips for you, too. Alexis Wolfer, editor-in-chief of The Beauty Bean, tells us the secret to creating a fast 'do that will last for two days.

"To start, tap into your inner 80s chic and start teasing/backcombing with lots of hairspray to give your locks more lift and texture. Fasten the hair into a ponytail and sweep it around the elastic band, securing it loosely with bobby pins. The look will feel bouncy and loose," Alexis explains. "You could even let a few tendrils of hair hang loose to soften the face. After a day of wearing this look, let your hair down, comb through with your fingers, and wear your hair down for a perfectly-imperfect rocker-chic wave for the next day."

Want to dress the look up a bit? Try adding embellished hair pins or a thick headband.

"American Apparel's shiny headband in Boa Black is perfect to accessorize any pulled-back hair style," Alexis says.

Your turn, guys. For back-to-school hair in a hurry, keep it simple.
"If you're not showering in the morning, keep a spray bottle filled with water in the bathroom to easily wet hair and eliminate any bed-head," advises Alexis. "One great tip is to fill a spray water bottle with warm water and dissolve sea salt in it. Spritz it through your hair in the morning for an easy, surfer-chic look. The more sea salt, the drier and beachier your hair will look."

Another easy tip for guy from Alexis is to "apply baby powder or a dry shampoo throughout hair to loosen the locks, absorb oil, and result in an effortless, natural look. It will also save the day if you apply too much gel and don't have time to wash it out!"


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