Vita Chambers Reconnects With Canada on the 'My World' Tour

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Vita Chambers has been on the road with Justin Bieber and his 'My World' tour, checking in with us all along the way. But recently, the pop singer had a few days off in Canada -- that's where she was born -- and decided to hang out with friends and family like she did back in the day.

Although Vita was born in Canada, she actually grew up in Barbados. Funnily enough, while the 17-year-old star was spending time in Justin's hometown, Justin was hanging out in hers!

"We did a little swap," she tells us. "I actually told him all the dope spots to hit up while he was down there...maybe one day we'll be in Barbados together and I can give him the grand tour." Wouldn't that be sweet?

In her latest blog entry, Vita talks about her upcoming east coast shows and how excited she is about spending time in New York City, where she lives when she's not on tour. Read what she has to say and check out more exclusive backstage photos from Vita's personal collection below.
Hey guys :) Can I just tell you how upset I am that the summer is ending? I mean, I absolutely love fall...but I'm gonna have serious beach withdrawal. I can't even put in words how much I love being at the ocean!! Except now that I think about it, there is like nothing better than back-to-school shopping. I ordered my entire fall wardrobe the other day on actually. Awww it makes me miss being in favorite thing was getting school supplies. I would always get everything in neon colors teehee. Maybe this year I'll ask my tutor if he can make me get supplies lol.

Anyway!! This week was bittersweet for me. We had four days off from the Bieber tour, which I missed so much buuuut at the same time, I ended up going to Canada (that's where our coming shows are) to visit my family and friends, which was so much fun. I was born in Canada (just like Justin!) so I still have a lot of my peeps up there to chill with. Since I've been so busy I've kinda lost touch with nature, so I decided to jam in some serious mother earth lovin'. We went off-roading and hiking, and even rolled around in the grass. It was good stuff. It's kinda funny because during those 4 days Justin went to Barbados, my hometown and I went to Canada, his hometown! We did a little swap :P I actually told him all the dope spots to hit up while he was down there...maybe one day we'll be in Barbados together and I can give him the grand tour. I miss Barbados so much!!!

This up coming week were hitting up all the Canadian cities, then coming back to the U.S. and swooping up the East Coast. When I'm not in Barbados or Canada, I live in New York City, so I can't wait for all my friends in that area to come out and see the show. Also, a lot of the other artists on the tour have a ton of friends from around there, so it's pretty much just gonna be one massive party haha! Definitely looking forward to that.

xo Vita


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