Burnham Aren't Nervous About Touring With Justin Bieber...Yet

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Having played music together for seven years, the talented brothers from Burnham already have an advantage over bands twice their age, and after Alex, Andre and Forrest Burnham recently stopped by the JSYK office to hang out with us and perform some of their catchy tunes, we can personally vouch for that.

The guys performed several songs for us, including 'Catch Me If You Can,' which they co-wrote with OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder. They totally blew us away with their raw talent and stage presence that could rival any seasoned rock 'n' roll vet.
Forrest, the youngest brother and the lead singer, may be small, but he can belt out melodies just like his idol Bono from U2. Alex, 18, and Andre, 16, showed off their impressive musical chops as well while entertaining us with their infectious sense of humor. When they weren't engaged in some friendly brother-bashing, they were dropping one-liners or quoting lines from a Will Ferrell skit.

Performing in a conference room may be one thing, but soon the boys will be playing to massive crowds as the opening act on Justin Bieber's 'My World' tour. However, Burnham is taking everything in stride. When asked if they were nervous about their upcoming run, Andre said, "Not now. But I will be." Alex chimed in, adding, "Half an hour before you go on, you start to think, 'Hang on, am I nuts?'"

As their popularity continues to grow, the brothers are sure to encounter some comparisons, especially to a certain trio of sibling rockers. Fortunately, the guys are upbeat and positive about any similarities to the Jonas Brothers. "It was actually really cool to see a band like us do amazing," Alex told us. "It was like, 'Oh it can work then!'"

Given Burnham's talent, swagger and knack for songwriting, the guys are well on their way to pop stardom. And with the 'My World' tour coming up soon, they're already bracing themselves for some extra female attention. "I went to Jamba Juice and seven girls mobbed us. It was cool!" Alex said with a smile, before little brother Forrest deadpanned, "I wasn't there."

In true brotherly fashion, Andre couldn't help the chance to poke fun. "The first thing [Forrest] said is, 'Did you tell them about me?'" Burnham joins Justin Bieber on the road next month. Visit the band's website here for a full list of tour dates, and check out our exclusive interview below.



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