Leave A Question! We're Tweeting With Cassie Scerbo During The MIOBI Finale

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It's no secret we love Cassie Scerbo and hate Lauren Tanner. And if you've been watching Make It Or Break It this season, you'd know that Lauren has certainly given us no reason to stop hating her. She was responsible for getting Emily disqualified at the meet in France, she broke up her dad and Chloe and now, in one of her lowest moves, she exposed Payson and Sasha's innocent kiss, which will most likely result in Sasha getting kicked out of the Rock.

"Lauren acts out very impulsively," she told us earlier this year. "All she knows is that gold medal. Her mom left her when she was a little kid, she doesn't trust anyone - she's a very guarded girl and the only thing she has truly in her life is her father and gymnastics... she hurts the people she actually loves the most."

Of course, it's important to remember that Cassie is not Lauren, something she's quick to point out herself. I'm not making any excuses for her," she says. "I would never do that. I mean never. She's totally the bad girl."

Naturally, we're super pumped for Tuesday night's episode and even more excited because Cassie is going to be tweeting with us on mid-season finale night!!!!!

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We've chatted with Cassie before and we're confident there will be no shortage of things to discuss between what's been happening on the show and what's going down on the episode. However, if you want a chance to get a tweet in edgewise, leave a comment below, tweet us @jsykdotcom or post a question on our Facebook wall and we'll do our very best to include it.

Can't get enough MIOBI finale action? Make sure to check out Cambio on Tuesday at 7PM EST/4 PM PST for a live chat with Ayla Kell and Josie Loren. And don't forget when it all goes down - the season finale 'At the Edge of the Worlds' on ABC Family at 9/8 PM Central.



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