Teen Hauler Bethany Mota Uses YouTube to Dish Back-to-School Shopping Advice

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Have you heard about a growing trend on YouTube called hauling? In case you haven't yet, haulers are like an online BFF. They're teens who create videos dishing advice and recommendations about everything from sweet deals at the mall that week to the best hairspray to calm frizz.

Bethany Mota
started hauling one year ago and already has over 53,000 subscribers to her YouTube page, Macbarbie07. Some of her latest videos include back-to-school specials, like "School Organization/Essential" and "Easy School Hairstyles," where she demonstrates different ways to braid your hair for the first day of school.

Why does this 14-year-old love hauling? "You get to connect with girls around the world, and that's what reeled me in," she says. "YouTube videos, they're more personal and more real than a commercial on TV."

A spokeswoman for YouTube says hauling has more than 200,000 videos and major retail chains are jumping on the bandwagon. Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters are holding haul contests, and earlier this summer JCPenney flew Bethany to Texas and gave her a $1,000 gift card for back-to-school clothes. Go here and click on the "JCP Haul Videos" tab to see the cute outfits Bethany and four other haulers found. Despite the cool freebies, Bethany says she won't create a video promoting a product that she doesn't believe in.
"I don't say yes to every company because I don't want to recommend a product to my viewers if I don't believe in it," Bethany explains. "I don't want to lie to my subscribers, so I'm really honest about my reviews and stuff."

It takes this teen about a day to film and edit each of her hauling videos. Would you take Bethany's back-to-school fashion and beauty advice?



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