Cassie Scerbo Talks 'MIOBI' Finale, Missing Her BF and Family, and More in Our Twitter-view

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Did you catch the Make It or Break It mid-season finale? Cassie Scerbo, who plays the always conniving Lauren Tanner, was watching from her California condo and tweeted with us during the show.

We won't spill details about the finale in case it's recorded on your DVR, but Lauren was involved in a super-emotional scene and we think Cassie deserves an Emmy - or at least a Teen Choice Award - for her performance.

"Filming that intense scene was VERY emotional 4 me, @codylongo was off shooting @Not_Today_Movie & my fam was on the E coast," Cassie tweeted to us. "I listened to "lift me up" by Christina Aguilera and for about a wk prior, I was anxious and depressed, I like to truly feel what my character goes through. It was rough on me, but felt so good 2 let go of everything & just b in that moment."

Cassie won't be missing her boyfriend Cody Longo for much longer. Cody's been shooting Not Today, but tweet-a-holic Cassie announced on her Twitter page that she'll be playing his on-screen girlfriend in the movie. Art imitating life much?
The New York native can't wait to also spend time with her on-screen rival but off-screen bestie Nicole Anderson, who celebrated a birthday on August 29th. She tweeted us yesterday, "I'm excited to see Nicole this wk, hopefully to have a make-up bday din!"

Here are more highlights from our twitter-view below:

@jsykdotcom: Ayla called you a tweet-a-holic during today's @cambioconnect chat... true or false?

@CassieScerbo: YES, miss Ayla was correct, I'm a twwet-a-holic..I can't help it! It's addicting ;)

@CassieScerbo: PS, Ayla needs to get a twitter..everyone agree? ;)

@jsykdotcom: AGREE!

@jsykdotcom: Fan question: Which gymnastics event is your favorite to shoot?

@CassieScerbo: my favorite event to shoot in the gym is actually the beam ;)..just like Lo! B*tch of the beam ;) lol

@jsykdotcom: Fan question: @dancingkimmy what's the one thing that Lauren's done that should be totally forgiven?

@CassieScerbo: I don't think she should be forgiven for her wrongs, but understood due to her issues..she doesn't have it the

@jsykdotcom: please tell me you and @josloren @chelseahobbs and ayla are campaigning to fly to Rio to film Worlds on location!

@CassieScerbo: that'd be amaaazing!! ;) ask @HollySMIOBI about that one though lol

@jsykdotcom: Last question! Any spoilers you can give out?

@CassieScerbo: I know just as much as u all ;)..but I hear season 2B is INSANE! We all left off in crazy places! Get the script in about 2 wks!



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