Put Away Flower Headbands. Feathers and Fresh Faces are Back-To-School Beauty Musts

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Elle Fowler
and her 17-year-old sister Blair have created close to 400 videos that give their almost one million combined YouTube subscribers tips for pulling off the latest trends in fashion and beauty. Now that summer has ended, Elle's giving us the scoop on switching your beauty routine for the new season.

A huge back-to-school makeup trend will be toning it down to create a more natural, sweet look.

"I think for a while there girls were definitely overdoing their makeup a little bit. They were looking at celebrities and trying to imitate what they were seeing in Hollywood and that's not really practical for school," Elle explains. "I think the fresh-faced natural look is coming back in."
That doesn't mean you can't add a playful twist to this low-key look. Elle suggests doing so with a bright eyeliner.

"[It brings] a little bit of color, a little bit of fun into your look but still tones it down for school. My favorite is turquoise. Add a little bit of turquoise liner and it just pops your look and makes you look really flirty and fun."

Another great shade for the season is dark cranberry. Eye shadow in this color "warms up your face and looks great on every single skin tone," says the hauler. Looking for an inexpensive and cute product for your lips? Go with NYX Sweetheart Lip Gloss.

Now let's talk back-to-school hairstyles. Elle tells us her favorite tip for faking that you spent a while doing your hair.

"If I had three minutes to do my hair, I would turn my curling iron on and curl just the very ends of my hair, just one spiral up the curling iron. It made it look like I had curls that fell out. I liked that because it was really easy to do, but it looked a lot more put together than just not doing anything to your hair at all."

Other one-second ideas for embellishing your hair are wearing a headband along with a messy ponytail or clipping a piece of your hair back with a bobby pin that has a rhinestone on the end. But ditch the flower hair accessories you wore all summer.

"Feathers will take the place of what floral was this summer," advises Elle.



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