Generation Next 2010 Designer Profiles: Meet Taylor

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Name: Taylor

Her style: "Surfer, preppy, and girlie... but not too girlie."

Favorite store(s): "Forever 21."
One of the things we noticed about Taylor's style was her cute top and sweet looking necklace. The orange shirt is from Forever 21 and as for the necklace, well Taylor explained that to us.

"That's my St.Christopher necklace. A lot of surfers where it, it's kind of like for protection when you go out surfing and everything. It basically keeps you safe," she told us. That's cool! It totally makes an awesome accessory.

For the contest and fashion show, each finalist had to put together an inspiration board that they would use to come up with their final look. Below is an exclusive pic of Taylor's board.

So what are some interesting facts about Taylor? Well, as you know she totally is into surfing and she gets her fashion ideas at totally unpredictable times. "Sometimes my ideas come at random. I zone out and listen to a song and am like, "Man, that would be a cool outfit," and I just start sketching things down like an idea."

What do you think about Taylor's style? Check out the other four O'Neill finalists here!



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