Jonas Brothers Hop on Twitter to Promote 'Camp Rock 2'

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The 17-year-old asked, "@kimkardashian you watching camp rock tonight Kim?" Really? Kim Kardashian hasn't responded yet, but she doesn't strike us as part of the typical Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam fan base. But who knows? Maybe she'll watch it tonight with her younger sisters Kendall and Kylie.

After all, Joe does brag that CR2's music is "on the next level."

"The staging was phenomenal for the film," he dishes. "We were always filming somewhere different. Every other day was a new location. For us, that was really exciting because for the first one we stuck to about three different sets, and this time probably having 15, 16 different sets, for us, that was really exciting."

We're not sold on this TV movie yet. Sequels are rarely as good -- or better -- as the original. Plus, even though Demi Lovato insists it's not weird touring and starring in a movie with her ex, it screams awkward to us. What do you think? Do you have high expectations for CR2?

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