'Breaking Dawn' Cast Wants Betty White to Play Renesmee. Wait, What?


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Breaking Dawn
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"I love Betty. I would love for them to do what they did in Benjamin Button with her, and she can be Renesmee," Kellan dishes. "I would change some scenes up so we could have Jacob and Emmett going for her. I want to work with her. That would be so much fun."

Even the franchise's writer Stephenie Meyer thinks having Betty on set may be a good idea.

"We have so many vampires in Breaking Dawn, surely she can fit in somewhere. Wouldn't it be amazing if she was like just sitting there with a big group of the Volturi? That would be amazing."

Unforch, Betty's turning them all down. This 88-year-old is too busy for the final 'Twilight' chapter. Can you say bummer?

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