Kat Graham Talks 'Vampire Diaries.' Plus, Never-Before-Seen Nina Dobrev Video

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I'm so pumped for new episodes of 'The Vampire Diaries' to begin tonight. Yesterday I chatted with Katerina Graham -- who plays high school witch Bonnie -- and found out that tonight she'll be watching the season premiere with the cast and crew. Room for one more?

So you know that Katherine comes back to Mystic Falls for Stefan (thereby crushing Damon), but what about Bonnie? Is she getting a love interest of her own this season?

"I think she will, but I'm not positive," Katerina tells me. "It would be nice for her to have someone...but Bonnie's not a selfish person. I think that maybe having someone in her life right now when she's got all this mess to deal with -- and she'd have to drag them into it -- would really play on her emotions."

When the time's right, maybe she'll start a fling with one of those new wolves we know are coming this season.

"They're big!" the 21-year-old jokes about the next supernatural force to take up residence. "They don't like vampires. There's going to be some serious issues with them. Just as the vampires are always uncovering more things, so will the werewolves. There's going to be a few people who are going to be caught in the middle of that."
Yup, witches will probably fall into that stuck-in-the-middle category. Katerina reveals that the show is currently filming episode six and she hasn't dealt with any werewolves yet, but says, "Witches are kind of in the middle of everything. Always. The humans and the vampires. The vampires and the werewolves...People are going to want to manipulate Bonnie to get what they want. I think that goes for anyone who's trying to become powerful or strong or destroy any other supernatural creature. They're going to want to use Bonnie."

Before you watch tonight's premiere, and find out if Jeremy wakes up as a vampire or not, check out our new video of Nina Dobrev from when we visited the show's set last season.

Lounging with Lauren is written by Lauren Metz, JSYK's TV guru. Follow her on Twitter.



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