'Boobies' Bracelets Are Still Stirring Up A Debate In Schools

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In the picture above is Taylor Trujilo, an eighth grader from California who bought an 'I <3 Boobies' bracelet to show her support for cancer. When she wore it to school, school officials told her to put it in her backpack or that they would confiscate it.

This problem seems to be occurring at schools everywhere. We recently wrote a story that explains this controversy and you guys had a lot to say about it and even shared some stories similar to Taylor's.

"My school makes us turn them inside out but now theyve been taking them away and giving them back at the end of the week..i mean its for a cause," Marlendzg wrote in the comments.

Gothicrose98, thinks the boobie bracelet ban is redic, "Okay, really? I am gonna cry. This is getting REALLY pathetic, am I right? I think they're really cute, colorful, and humorous. They are going to a good cause too! if only schools looked outside the box and INTO the idea!."

While many of you agreed with Gothicrose98, there were comments that disagreed as well.

Misinterpreting wrote, "Its insensitive to people who have had their breasts removed due to cancer. its stupid and contradicts the cause!! these should be revoked from sales."
Due to the obvious variation of opinions among you guys, we decided to show you some of the best comments we received about this story.

Comments that are FOR the bracelet idea:

"I think that people should be alowed to ware them becaz they support breast cancer awarness in a fun a cooler looking way. Maybe if the breast cancer sign waz added we would be alowed to ware them at school 'cause people might find it less afensive that way." -maccrafts1

"I think you should be allowed to wear them they're cute AND for a good cause. they were banned at my school too." -

"My aunt had breast cancer i think them banning them is ridiculus. those school disticts should get smacked!" - MikeTheMighty23

"Omg i hope they dont ban them in my school. i love these bracelts! so whatt. boobies is just a word! and its for a good cause !! teachers are losers if they ban them. (=" -kellyxoxo98

Comments that are AGAINST the bracelet idea:

"These are highly offensive...why not just wear the normal pink bracelets that say "Support breast cancer research"...
why...because they're not cool...oh ok, that TOTALLY makes sense...not...if these kids REALLY want to support breast cancer research, then they can buy normal pink stuff that is not offensive..."
- YO

"I support breast cancer, but I think some kids take it the wrong way. Of course they wouldn't buy one that says, "Support Breast Cancer". Basicly they want it because it says "Boobies"... Our school doesn't allow them, and it has become a huge battle. It's sad, because some kids actually wear them for the cause, where as others wear them for the wrong reasons." -ERiN

"I think it is kinda inappropriat but im in full support for breast cancer. i want to buy those but i dont want to wear them cuz i get a little offended by them, but it duznt mean ur not still supporting research by wearing them." -dancingqueen3217



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