Facebook Isn't Building a Phone. But Wait, Would You Want One?

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Stoked about rumors of a Facebook phone? Don't get your hopes up. TechCrunch recently reported that the social networking giant is working on creating its own phone to compete with other smartphone makers, but a rep for Facebook has flat out denied the claim.

"The story, which originated in Techcrunch, is not accurate," a Facebook spokesperson told Mashable. "Facebook is not building a phone."

Although Facebook admitted to focusing on "deep integration," the rep made it clear that "building phones is just not what we do." But does this newsflash come as a major bummer to die-hard fans of the social site?

Basically, people were buzzing about a Facebook smartphone that would be highly integrated with users' contacts lists and have its own operating system. Another party would be hired to create the physical device, but that's typically what Apple and other companies do anyway.
Instead, Facebook is working on similar features for already existing phones, which is likely the smartest move. Earlier this year, Microsoft launched its social networking phone the Kin, which tanked just months after being introduced to the market.

How do you feel about Facebook staying out of the phone-making game? Would you want your own Facebook phone or are you cool with just getting upgraded apps? What kind of new mobile features do you want to see from the social networking site? %Poll-53067%


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