'Glee' Returns Tomorrow! Check Out Rocky Horror Glee Show Photo

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The wait is finally almost over. A new Glee episode is a mere day away, and when we last saw the McKinley crew, they were down in the dumps over placing last at Regionals.

They'll become even more slushie-prone this season, but Rachel doesn't seem bothered by glee clubs' social outcast standing -- check out the clip at the end of this post that shows her bragging about dating Finn all summer.

McKinley's star quarterback sounds like being Rachel's boyfriend is a bit overwhelming in the video sneak peek, no? He's not breaking Rachel's heart any time soon, though. Finnchel is hot all season -- just check out the photo of them hanging out in Rachel's bedroom.

Cory Monteith tweeted the pic and teased, "@adammshankman @msleamichele @frankenteen in bed together ooooooooooooo."

That's a lot of O's, Cory! The photo was snapped behind-the-scenes of Glee's tribute episode to the 70s British rock opera, the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Want spoilers for the other tribute episode happening this season, too?
Heather Morris, who plays Cheerio Brittany, spills, "We want to do [Britney] for [a glee club] performance, and Will Schuester doesn't allow it. He doesn't agree with us. My character's arc [in the episode], in a way, is Britney Spears! You figure out my character's last name."

We bet one slushie to the face that it rhymes with Spears.




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