Is Miley Cyrus Having the Worst Month Ever?

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Since Miley Cyrus broke up with Liam Hemsworth four weeks ago, things haven't really been going so well for the 17-year-old star. In September, the singer/actress has been pulled over by the cops, been accused of an alleged hit-and-run and had an unwanted intruder at her house. Is Miley having the worst month ever?

On September 13, the 'Can't Be Tamed' singer called the police because she felt that the paparazzi were creating unsafe driving conditions for her. Although reports claimed she was pulled over for talking on her cell phone while driving, Miley said she had pulled over and was on the phone calling her mom and the police for help.
miley cyrus gets pulled over

Then, just a few days later, Miley reportedly hit the parked car of a parking attendant at an L.A. restaurant. The owner of the busted-up vehicle says the Hannah Montana star gave him her phone number, but then drove off in her mom's white Mercedes without waiting for the police to come and file a full report. The parking attendant says it was a "hit-and-run," but the police told TMZ that it doesn't actually count as one because Miley left her contact info.

On top of all this, police caught an intruder snooping around Miley's San Fernando Valley home last week. The unwanted guest was actually a 14-year-old Australian fan, who had written down the celeb's address during a Hollywood "star home" tour and went back to the house later to pay her a visit. He probably meant no harm, but it was just another thing Miley had to deal with this month.

Talk about a bad string of events! But the one positive note that's come out of the last few weeks is that Miley has reportedly patched things up with her Aussie beau Liam. She has yet to confirm the reconciliation, but we think she should -- maybe then she could change her luck.

Update: Miley posted this video on YouTube addressing recent rumors.



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