Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas Are Caught Kissing!

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Brace yourselves, Beliebers. Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas were caught kissing in the back seat of a car in Venice, Calif. just before the second leg of the 'My World' tour began. It's okay, Just breathe.

In the past, Jasmine, who starred alongside the Canadian pop star in his 'Baby' video, maintained that the two were not a couple, but "just really cool friends." However, the pics TMZ scored of the tourmates are saying something totally different.
The photos were taken on September 9 by a Canadian tourist, who recognized the 16-year-old pop star and started snapping away. JB and Jasmine were in the back of a parked silver Honda, making out while another person sat in the passenger seat.

But Jasmine is no stranger to kissing the Bieb. The two locked lips for Justin's 'Baby' video, only the shot didn't make it into the final cut. "It was like work," she said, downplaying the smooch.

We interviewed the San Jose native back in March and she was nonchalant about her relationship with Justin, denying any truth to life imitating art. "A lot of people think music videos are so real," she told JSYK exclusively. "But throughout the whole video when I'm pushing him away, girls are like 'Why did you just push him?!'"

Well, it doesn't look like she's pushing him away now. After the 'Baby' video premiered, Jasmine says her popularity skyrocketed -- for better, and in some cases, for worse. "Oh my gosh, after the video shoot there were so many girls ready to kill me, but I got a lot of cool fans from that," she recalled.

Jasmine did admit that she hangs out with Justin, but only confessed to spending time with him in a group. "When I hang out with him, he's super busy, but when he's in town we hang out."

Well, if she wasn't the envy of every girl before, she certainly is now. How do you feel about Justin and Jasmine hooking up? Do you like them as a couple? Are you happy for them or insanely jealous?



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