'DJ Hero 2' Takes Fans Behind the Mixes With Deadmau5 and More

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Remember that amazing DJ from the 2010 Video Music Awards? The guy wearing the mouse head? That's Deadmau5, and he's one of the many artists that have lent their music to DJ Hero 2.

"I like making things a little difficult," Deadmau5 says in Activision's behind-the-scenes video. "It keeps me on my toes and it also kind of keeps other people on their toes because nothing's ever the same."
That's for sure. The next installment in the popular game features 83 exclusive mixes that combine 105 tracks from over 100 of the biggest names in pop, hip-hop and dance. For instance, Lady Gaga is mixed with Deadmau5, Iyaz is mixed with Rihanna and Kanye West is mixed with Metallica. But it's up to you to put your own spin on them in order to score serious points.

In addition to Deadmau5, the game features the likes of David Guetta, DJ Qbert, DJ Shadow, Tiesto and RZA on the the turntables. For the Wu-Tang Clan member, this new experience is all about making the player happy. "I want kids to walk away from playing my mixes, or any mixes in this game, DJ Hero, feeling entertained and fun," he says.

Go behind the mixes with Deadmau5, RZA, Tiesto, DJ Qbert and more in the video below. DJ Hero will hit shelves on October 19.



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