It's Official: Lauren Conrad Will Star in Her Own Show on MTV

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As she said before, the fashion designer had a hard time dealing with the cameras being on her all the time, and found it difficult to balance her personal life with her shooting schedule. In the interview this morning, Lauren confirmed that her boyfriend, actor Kyle Howard, "will not be on it."

"I've always been open to doing reality again," she said on the air. "Just under different circumstances. As long as you have a separation, then it works. You have your personal life and you have work life; when it's combined, it's difficult."

More details about the show will be announced next week, and shooting will begin in October, LC said. Are you excited to see a show about Lauren's career? She has a new fashion line coming out, plus two books that are set to be released next month, so there will be plenty of events to cover for the show. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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