Listen To David Archuleta's New Album 'The Other Side Of Down'

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Those posi emotions are found on his first single, 'Something 'Bout Love,' a big pop track with laced with electronic tones that make the listener feel like he or she is flying. In this song, David sings about how love can let you down, but you should never give up on it, but fans will find more of David's hopeful and encouraging lyrics throughout the whole album.

"Instead of acting like everything in life is so hard and confusing, look at it this way: the only way you can go from here is up," he says. "It's our decisions and how we handle things, even when they get rough. If we keep holding on, looking at things positively and working hard, we can improve our lives, help ourselves, and even help the greater good."

'The Other Side Of Down' hits stores and iTunes October 5.

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