John Stamos Kisses & Tells About His 'Glee' Stint and What Britney Was Really Like

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We got our first glimpse of Dr. John Stamos in a video of Santana asking to "get her anesthesia" on with Brittany. And now we have more sneak peeks of the dentist in action, but this time he's busy smooching Emma.

John dishes behind-the-scenes deets, "My first day [on the show] was interesting, because they were shooting in the middle of one of the fantasies, and [I was shooting with] Heather Morris, who plays Brittany. I play a dentist [and] the gag was that I was in the dentist chair, and she was literally doing a lap dance on me in a mesh thing with diamonds. And that was my first day."
Wowza, that's not exactly your normal day at the office. But then again neither is having Britney Spears hanging around.

"I heard [Britney] was very funny," John spills. "She has a good sense of humor. I heard she was kind of nervous and had a lot of people around, but they're very good at making people feel comfortable."

Brit Brit wasn't the only one nervous about her Glee gig. John admits he played hooky so he'd have extra time to practice.

"So like a day before...I say I'm sick, and then I go to the singing coach for like a week and work on it and work on it, and then they have this big dance and that day I pretended I was sick. Then I rented out my own dance studio and I rehearsed. I can get to Z, but it takes me a long time to get there."

Watch the video below, and let us know which guy is the better match for Emma.



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