Teen Wins $33,000 After Suing For Suspension Over Semi-Nude Pics

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A Pennsylvania teen has been awarded $33,000 after she successfully sued her school district, claiming her phone was illegally searched when semi-nude photos were discovered.

Identified only as N.N. to protect her privacy, the student was 17 when the incident took place. On January 23, 2009, N.N. was caught using her cell phone on school grounds so it was confiscated. Photos were later found on her phone by school officials that were intended only for her and her long-time boyfriend to see.

Here's the questionable part -- those photos weren't on the phone's screen and someone needed to click on multiple buttons to find them. Sounds like a teacher went snooping to us.

N.N. received a three day out-of-school suspension, and her case was referred to the Wyoming County district attorney's office.

Now 19, the student and her lawyers will receive $33,000, but the Tunkhannock Area School District denies any wrongdoing in the matter. N.N. still has a legal claim against the district attorney's office.
In a printed statement, N.N. said, "I hope this settlement will lead school officials in the future to consider whether they have valid grounds to search students' private text messages, emails and photos."

Tell us your thoughts on this case. Is N.N. right?



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