Is Jasmine Villegas Trying Too Hard To Cover Up How Tight She Is with Justin Bieber?

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Jasmine Villegas recently answered questions for BOP and Tiger Beat, and we couldn't help noticing how she avoided any hints at how extreme her Bieber Fever really is.

The mag asks Jasmine what are some questions that fans ask her a lot. She replies that 'How did you get started?' is a popular one.

"What else is there?" Jasmine asks. "'Do you like Justin?' That's another question they always ask me."

How about, 'Is Justin a good kisser?'
Jasmine doesn't answer any of the questions in the video, but she does gush over Justin saying, "He's just an outgoing person. He's funny. He's just so random, but I think everybody would know that. There's not much that I would know that a lot of people would not know because Justin's just 100 percent with his fans, and with his friends, and he gives everyone his full personality. That's a really good thing about him. He's not fake at all. He's just, like, 'I'm Justin. Here's me.'"

Jasmine mentions that there's not much she would know about Biebs that his fans wouldn't, but we're not buying it. Jasmine's just keeping it classy and staying tight-lipped about her relationship with Justin to respect his private life.

Would you do the same if you were dating Justin?

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