Nikki Yanofsky Tweets Us About Paris, Japan and Justin Bieber

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Nikki Yanofsky is a busy girl. The talented 16-year-old jazz/pop singer just got back from a trip to Paris and when we caught up with her via Twitter on Friday, she was gearing up for a show in Houston, Texas. Three days later, she's packing her bags for Japan.

"4th time [in Japan] Im rlly excited, the fashion is sick, they wear very daring things, very expressive," she tweeted to us. "Its a completely diff culture!"

We tweeted back and forth with Nikki as she prepped for her show at Houston's House of Blues about what she did in Paris ("I saw the Eiffel Tower!!"), what she's planning to do in Japan ( "I'm going to be so jet lagged, I'll probably end up sleeping but the sushi is yum") and when she's going to get around to recording that duet with Justin Bieber.
"I'm up for it! We just gotta convince @justinbieber," she says.

The 16-year-old also reveals that a date for her next video hasn't been decided yet. Fans, however, can look forward to Nikki posting a new YouTube Vlog video most likely in early November. Meanwhile, check out song 'Try Try Try' (written by Feist) below.

And keep reading for more highlights from our twitterview with Nikki. To see the whole conversation, check out her Twitter page.

@jsykdotcom thanks for tweeting with us today! How are you??

@nikkiyanofskyhey! Im great!! How are you?

@jsykdotcom: ... nice Paris pics. When did you get back?

@nikkiyanofsky: Well, see the thing is I never really "got back" per se hah I was home for 6 days last week, I got back on a thurs left on tues

@jsykdotcom: gotcha, we were in L.A. & New York last week, but your schedule must be insane. What are some of your secret travel tips?

@nikkiyanofsky: ALWAYS PACK NEUTRALS! Lol, Im gone for 3 weeks at a time so its important to pack light but smart, if everything matches, noprob

@jsykdotcom: great tip! And on planes, do you sleep or watch movies?

@nikkiyanofsky: I'm so bad on planes. I cant ever sleep unless its the morning, but I usually do homework (aka watch movies hahahah)

@jsykdotcom: we'll let u get ready for ur concert. Thnx 4 tweeting w/ us & safe travels. We're coming 2 see u perform @ the end of Oct!

@nikkiyanofsky: Awesome!! Thank you so much have a great day thanks for your time. Peace



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