Lauren Conrad Talks About Her 'Natural High' in New Anti-Drug PSA

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lauren conrad natural high network psa screenshotAlthough Lauren remembers people using drugs in her school from as early as 6th or 7th grade, she says she never wanted anything to do with them, especially in high school. "You're getting ready to go to college within a few years and you're worried about your GPA and worried about your future," she says. "And I think that when you're so involved in drugs, you have such a lack of interest there, and you just don't really care about your future."

What's great about the PSA is that Lauren keeps things real like she always does. She doesn't preach, she just tells her story from the level-headed perspective that we've grown to love. "I don't know that there was one specific thing that encouraged me to not do drugs. I just genuinely didn't want to do them," she explains. "They didn't see that cool to me and didn't look that fun, so I just didn't really have an interest."

Watch the full PSA below. Lauren says her natural high is "getting to design beautiful clothing." What would you say yours is?

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