Facebook Announces Groups and Two More New Features

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If you had trouble logging onto Facebook last night here's why. The social platform was getting ready for today's big press conference at which the site announced three new features: Groups, the Download Your Information app and a new dashboard.

Although The Social Network paints Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to be a misguided nerd, it seems his multi-billion-dollar platform is still going strong with new upgrades. The biggest change to the site is the new offering of Groups, which allows users to make separate circles of friends that can have access to certain information that you share. It's kind of like making your own distribution lists...but not.
"Sometimes you don't want to post something to all of your friends, not because you don't want them to know, but because you don't want to annoy them," Mark said at the press event. "The naive solution is to do something like friend lists. Almost no one wants to make lists."

Mark says the new feature is in the same vein as Photos -- when people tag you in pictures and then those pics show up under the Photos tab on your profile -- but gives you more control and a better sense of privacy. "Until today, we've made it pretty easy to share with everyone on the site publicly," he added. "But for a lot of people, just your friends isn't actually private."

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Another new feature is the Download Your Information app. With this, you can download a full history of all your moves on the social networking site -- including wall posts, photos, comments and messages -- as a document you can save on your computer.

Facebook also introduced Dashboard, which allows users to see all of the apps they use on one page. You'll also be able to see and manage all of your tools, including making and changing your privacy settings and deleting apps you don't want or use.

The new features will start appearing on your accounts on Wednesday. Although there was no mention about Facebook's rumored partnership with Skype and the launch of Facebook Credits, Mark said more updates will be released soon. What do you think of the new features? Do you see yourself using Groups, downloading your info or using the new dashboard? %Poll-53841%


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